The Christmas Bicycle
The Christmas Bicycle
Soon it will be Christmas again. A children's book was created, in time for Christmas, by children for children within the IEE funded project BAMBINI – Move Smart from the Start! This project aims to achieve a shift from our car-dominated mobility behaviour towards a more sustainable and energy-efficient mobility in the future.

December 2011

Children’s books and toys rarely deal with walking and cycling or public transport and at the same time our life style is becoming more and more dependent on cars. Therefore, children often associate mobility with car-mobility. The project BAMBINI wants to change this fact and introduce children from very early on to the advantages and benefits of active mobility modes like walking and cycling. Books and toys enable children to learn about their world in a playful way. For this reason, pupils from a secondary school in Graz, Austria, were asked to create a book about a “Christmas Bicycle” that was translated by the BAMBINI partners into 11 European languages and is now distributed in kindergartens in the different partner countries for the second time. The book is also available on the BAMBINI website for download free of charge. To download the book click here

Contact: Susanne Wrighton

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