Ferrara...cycle chic!
Ferrara...cycle chic!
The famous Danish fashion blog featuring cyclists contains several photographs of the city

November 2011

Also Ferrara has made its entry on "Cycle chic", the famous Danish fashion blog born in 2007, featuring cyclists. The phrase, in fact, refers to cycling in fashionable everyday clothes but it developed very quickly in popular culture, to include the bicycles themselves and bicycle accessories.

Today there are over 100 Cycle Chic blogs all over the world and most of them are associated with the original blog, Copenhagen Cycle Chic. The italian one, for example is click here

As mentioned, the city of Ferrara has the honor to be present on the original Danish blog; in fact, on the occasion of the cargo bike exhibition last October 26, an event part of the Cycle Logistics European Project, the Danish-Canadian filmmaker, photographer and urban mobility expert Mikael Colville-Andersen spent a few days in Ferrara and he didn't miss the opportunity to snap photographs of the many bicycle users, posting then on his blog!

You can see them clicking here

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