Regional Forum Congress Ci-Mo  “City e-mobility”
Regional Forum Congress Ci-Mo “City e-mobility”

October 2011

Electromobility – This theme, which is outer than the traditional frames of driving, reachability and storage media, has always been an hot topic. It appears, like it would open new chances for the science and the social life – Chances, which increase our quality of life. Detached from any feasible discussion, a change in our country is carried out, in order to increase the use of electromobility.

Beginner of the congress is the inpulse-region Erfurt-Weimar-Jena, a regional cooperation composed by the so called cities, all together around the Weimar land. Sustainability in mobility and city-develop are key goals and bridges towards the future research and durable trades, as well as technical challenges are going to be built.
The theme frame passes from a possible electro-mobility model region until the consequences and possibilities for cities based on changed acoustic in urban centres. Furthermore the issues are lighted on how politics can actually coordinate the whole process of conversion.

During the congress, the EPC manager, Miss Hrytsyshyn, provided information about the project “BICY” and the new Erfurt’s activity “Ride the Bike -> Aber sicher”.


BICY Implemented in the Central Europe Programme ( is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).