A Lifetime of Cycling
A Lifetime of Cycling
Tools and results of the project LIFE CYCLE, funded by the EU Public Health Programme, focussing on the improvement of health of EU citizens by fostering more physically active lifestyles have been published in a comprehensive folder

July 2011

The folder "A LIFETIME OF CYCLING - Tools and results of the public health project LIFE CYCLE" gives some general information on the LIFE CYCLE project. It presents the major results of the LIFE CYCLE project: the Implementation Manual, the Best Practice Handbook as well as the carried out promotion actions. In addition to that, all project partners are listed.

The folder can be freely distributed and/or its contents reprinted as long as no fee is charged and the source is correctly attributed to LIFE CYCLE, a project funded by the EU Public Health Programme. If you do distribute or re-purpose the folder or its contents we would appreciate notification, though this is not obligatory.

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Contact: Claus Koellinger

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