In Ferrara arrives the first
In Ferrara arrives the first "Giretto d'Italia"
The first urban cycling championship involves 28 italian cities

May 2011

On Tuesday, 3 May, in Ferrara and other 27 italian cities, will take place the "Giretto d'Italia", the first urban cycling championship, an idea developed in Ferrara during a meeting between cycling operators. All citizens who wish to participate in the ride are encouraged to use the bike during the day and to pass the three "check point" located in the city: the counting of the steps will be an opportunity to check the cycle counters acquired through the European project Bicy-Cities and Regions of Bicycles, where the Province of Ferrara is leading partner. The participating cities will compete in the count of the steps in groups formed by cities with similar characteristics. Ferrara is included in the group "Middle Town" with Bolzano, Modena, Padova, Parma, Ravenna, Reggio Emilia, Vicenza and Trento. The winning cities will be awarded at the "National Day of Bicycle" promoted by the Italian Department of the Environment in collaboration with ANCMA

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