Cycle to work - 2011 Spring Campaign started in Hungary
Cycle to work - 2011 Spring Campaign started in Hungary
This spring the Cycle To Work! (Bringázz A munkába! - Bam! ) campaign started again. Keeping with the tradition, everyone who cycles to work during the five weeks between 4th April and 8th May for at least eight days, partakes in the prize draw and gets a guaranteed gift!

Interested? You can register on the website,

April 2011

The Hungarian Cyclists’ Club (Magyar Kerékpárosklub - MK) is leading the project - in cooperation with the Ministry of National Development (NFM). During the Campaign they are looking for the company where the biking percentage is the highest, but they are measuring other aspects of the mobilization effort!

Of course, total kilometres collected by each team will also be measured.

If you don’t cycle yet, it is worth a try! - and you can also win! You can get all the necessary information and help on our website, and personally too, if you find yourself a cycle-mate (Bringapajti)!

If you have been cycling for a while, register and go on riding! Help us spread the word, tell your colleagues how much you enjoy cycling. Let us be proud that we ride!

Until now there are 8.267 participant registerd, 675 thousand kilometers cycled and 14 million Hungarian forints saved on gasoline.

On April 19-th the organizers welcomed the bikers with breakfast on 12 different location all around in the country.

Contact: Éva Nyiri

BICY Implemented in the Central Europe Programme ( is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).