Transnational Workshop Graz Files found:   7
Title Description Author Filesize
Awareness Raising and Socialization Presentation for Workshop on awareness raising and socialization measures to promote bicycle traffic  Margit Braun and Susanne Wrighton 
8.256  kByte
Bicycle Parking and Theft Prevention Presentation for Workshop on bicycle parking and theft prevention measures  Günther Illek 
15.835  kByte
Bicycle Policy City of Graz Presentation of Gudrun Uranitsch (Mobility advisor City of Graz)  Gudrun Uranitsch 
10.797  kByte
Bicycle Traffic Graz Presentation of the bicycle officer of the City of Graz  Helmut Spinka 
3.140  kByte
Innovative Services and City Tourism Presentation for Workshop on innovative and tourism measures to promote bicycle traffic  Martin Holzer 
9.457  kByte
Monitoring Presentation for Workshop on Monitoring  Karl Reiter and Jörg Schweizer 
7.342  kByte
Restrictive and Complementary Measures Presentation for Workshop on restrictive and complementary measures to promote bicycle traffic  Karl Reiter 
13.611  kByte

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