The modern and multicultural city of Velenje lies in the North-East part of Slovenia in Šaleška valley on the altitude 396 m. The urban part of Municipality of Velenje has 34.000 inhabitants on area of 83,5 sq km of which the city of Velenje itself has 28.000 inhabitants, making it the fifth biggest Slovenian city. Velenje is the employment, administrative and educational centre of the wider Savinjsko-Šeleška region; it is one of the most powerful economic centres of Slovenia - due to power plant, coal mining and supporting industry, metal industry and construction industry. As a city, Velenje is only 50 years old.

In Municipality of Velenje we are well aware of the importance of implementing the European and national legislation in the field of environment protection, green transport solutions, energy use reduction and consequently reduction of CO2 emission. Care for our environment is becoming the priority and also the measures for environment protection have already been taken by our municipality.

In Velenje car is the most popular vehicle. Bicycle is not competitive even on distances that are shorter than 5 km and more than 80 % paths on those distances are carried by car. Municipality of Velenje as a partner in BICY project aims to promote bicycling, develop strategies for sustainable transport solutions, implement the use of innovative tools to promote greener PT and pave the way for technically and financially feasible green mobility solutions.

Through BICY project we will raise public awareness and persuade people to use green transport such as bikes and public transport as an environmentally friendly and alternative way of sustainable mobility.


BICY Implemented in the Central Europe Programme ( is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).